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About Me

Having health challenges and different abilities often impact what clothing works well.  I'm here to help make the clothing you already own more functional, and to create custom covers for the various tubes, bags and other paraphernalia that helps you live your life.


I have a Bachelor's degree in nursing from the University of New Mexico, and I've been sewing since I was 14 years old. Ask my parents and they will tell you that I have ALWAYS had the makings of a nurse.  Unfortunately, our family has needed me to be a fulltime mom AND nurse, so the majority of my experience has been at home and with extended family.  Over the years I have helped loved ones recover from multiple surgeries and assisted our daughter with central lines, G and J tubes.  I have observed the little things that make life easier, and the physical challenges that make things harder.  

Now I hope to help make your life a little more pleasant, and maybe even a lot more fun, by altering the clothes you already own, to make them work better for you.  Whether you are anticipating surgery and want to have some clothing ready to go, or you've got a pump, tube or bags that need to be attached throughout the day, I'd love to problem solve with you.


It doesn't matter where you live: we'll do this all through the mail!  Get the clothes you want altered and a washable marker and we'll get started!  I can make bag covers from a paper outline, and you can pick out the fabric you love. It's all about making your life better, one piece at a time! 

Contact me by phone at 720-560-4683 or email at Fabricoftime1@outlook.com to get started.